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Recovering from Tax Season

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As the post-tax-season recovery begins, it bears taking some time to review the last 10 weeks….

  1. This was easily my busiest tax season: 270 tax returns, and counting, as a few are still
  2. outstanding via extension. Most should be wrapped up in the next two weeks, though some will take longer.

  3. Considering that tax season is roughly 10 weeks long, that translates to 27 returns a week, or about 4.5 returns a day. The busiest days were February 18th and April 14th when I saw 8 clients. Most days averaged 5-6.
  4. Typically, the early part of the season was slow; surprisingly, so was the late part. I actually had time open on April 15th.
  5. 17 years in, I’m still amazed to see how seriously people take the advice of a friend on tax issues, and discount what I’m telling them as true.

In the coming weeks, I’ll discuss some of the more interesting myths of this tax season, and what kind of deductions are available to certain professions. Stay tuned.


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