Corporate Returns

Corporate returns depend on the structure, size and complexity of the business.  The base rate is $750 but typically ranges from $1,500 for a mom-and-pop storefront on up.

Personal Returns

The base rate for one 2015 tax return is $295.  This includes:

  • either Single or Married Filing Jointly
  • including itemized deductions and interest
  • plus any ONE state return

There are additional charges for additional states and/or forms, such as, but not limited to, self-employment income, rental property, pass-through income (partnership, trust or S-Corp), child care and Married Filing Separately/RDPs.   If you’d like a more precise quote, email [email protected]. Please include a list of all the forms you filed last year, as well as a description of any change in circumstances for this year.

Many people find that the cost of hiring a tax preparer to file their return (as opposed to the cost of do-it-yourself software) is more than offset by the amount of money saved in deductions missed when they prepare their own returns. If you’re not sure whether you’re either getting as much money back – or at least minimizing the amount you owe – check with us.