__ Names and birthdates for you and your dependents

__ Social security numbers

__ Tax ID numbers for self-employed persons, if you are anything other than a sole proprietor


__ Any of the following that apply to you:

__W-2 Forms (employees)

__SSA-1099: Social Security Benefit Statement

__RRB-1099: Payments by the Railroad Retirement Board

__RRB-1099R: Pension and Annuity Income by the Railroad Retirement Board

__W-2G: Certain Gambling Winnings

__K-1  (partnerships / S-Corporations)

__Roth conversion documents

__Any form labeled “1099”

Any other proof of your income and/or bonuses, including:

__ Any statements from a financial institution for interest-bearing accounts (such as a checking account or mutual fund) that say “year end,”  “for tax purposes” or “important tax information enclosed”

__ All miscellaneous sources (such as legal settlements, worker’s comp, gambling or other prize winnings, jury duty, alimony received, or speaking fees)


__IRA, SEP, SIMPLE & Keogh Contributions

__Educator (Teacher) expenses

__Student Loan Interest

__Alimony paid

__Moving Expenses

__Self –Employed Health Insurance

__Penalty on early withdrawal of savings

Taxes withheld / Estimated Taxes paid:

__ Federal          (due Apr 15, Jun 15, Sept 15, Jan 18)

__ State(s)          (due Apr 15, Jun 15, Sept 15, Jan 18)



Medical Expenses:

__ Receipts for doctors, dentists, eyeglasses, prescription medications, nursing homes, hospitals, health insurance (including regular, long-term or disability)

__Mileage log for miles driven for medical treatment


Personal Expenses:

__Last year’s tax prep fee

__Rent paid (for renter’s credit – valid for CA, WI, IN and other states which allow them)

__Home ownership:

__ real estate taxes (principal residence + vacation home)

__ mortgage interest (first & second, principal & vacation homes)

__ personal property tax, if applicable (CA residents – copy of DMV registration showing breakdown of expenses.

__ closing documents (ie: HUD-1 statement) if you bought or sold a home in 2010

(NOTE: If you sold your home in 2010, you’ll need TWO HUD-1 forms: one for year purchased, one for year sold)

__ Childcare:

__Dependent childcare, including afterschool programs (must have or know: name, address, phone and EIN of provider)

__ higher education costs

__ Employment:

__ travel/vehicle mileage (must be written; must also have/know: vehicle make, model & year, beginning/ending odometer & business miles)

__ professional licenses/dues, etc.

__ continuing education costs

__ tools/uniforms & cleaning/etc.

__Union dues

__Work uniforms (NOT suits, etc., but actual uniforms)

__Other job-related expenses

__ Job search

Charitable Donations:

__ Cash receipts, check copies, or statements from charities showing amount donated

__Miles driven for charity (See ‘travel/vehicle mileage’ above)

__ Tangible items (ie: Goodwill –for each donation, you need to know/have: name of donee Organization, Address, item(s) donated &  date donated)

NOTE: If a ‘big ticket’ item (car, etc.) was donated, and the value claimed exceeds $5,000.00, you MUST have evidence of an appraisal. Donations of cars under $5,000 may be subject to special rules. Be sure to ask at your appointment.

Miscellaneous Other Itemized Deductions

__ Legal fees (certain rules apply. Ask at your appointment if you qualify)

Business Expenses (if self-employed):

__ Rent paid

__ Insurance (other than health, ie: business office, E&O, PLP)

__ Utilities (ie: heat, water, etc)

__ Other services (ie: phone, cell phone, internet, webhosting, remote login, etc.)

__ Office supplies

__ Postage

__ Capital purchases

__Merchant account fees

__ Bank fees

__ Professional licenses & memberships (not already covered above)

__ Continuing education

__ Vehicle

__ maintenance

__ fuel

__ parking

__ highway toll passes

__ AAA or similar

__ license plate/registration/driver’s license

__ Air or other travel

__ Car rental

__ Hotel

__ Entertainment

__ Meals

Stock / Bond /other sales:

__ Records for all stock and property transactions including:

__ Purchase date and amount paid (if not provided by broker)

__total investment

__prior sales, if any & splits

__ gain/loss

Rental Properties:

__ Rents received (if not on Form 1099)

__Cleaning, maintenance, repair, and utility costs

__Mortgage interest/real estate taxes paid

__Homeowners Insurance

__Legal/Professional fees

__Travel to/from property


__Commissions/management fees


__Any other, not listed here


__ School (other than 529)

__ 529 Plan (s)