1. You’re a tax lawyer. So I’ll be paying lawyer rates? No. For tax preparation, we charge by form.  For tax consultations, we charge hourly. We’re confident that you’ll find us competitive with other tax preparation services, and sometimes even lower.
  2. How much will it cost for you to prepare my taxes? It depends upon the types and number of forms we prepare. The more complex or detailed a form, the more we charge to prepare it.
  3. Can you give me a general idea? Please see our Fees page for information on base rates for various types of returns and more info.
  4. Do I have to come to your office? NO! Although we encourage you to come to our office the first time you file with us, if your schedule does not permit it, we can and often do work remotely. You can mail your materials to us, send them via e-mail or arrange for a TelePrepTM appointment via Skype.
  5. Speaking of schedules, what are your hours? Our hours can be found on the Contact Us page.
  6. How can I schedule an appointment? You can schedule an appointment by either:
    • calling our Glendale office at (818) 480-3280 or (626) 708-1040; or
    • sending an e-mail request to [email protected]; or
    • completing the contact form at the bottom of our Appointments page.